Everyone wants to know why should we jailbreak like “Whats the point of Jailbreaking?” or “What Cydia tweaks should I install?” with new people to the jailbreak scene. We all have different opinions —but I thought it would be nice to get a list of the “Top 10 Cydia Tweaks”


1) Sbsettings– This one was hands down on just about everyones list. Sbsettings allows
you to have a toggle menu pull down from your status bar. Makes it easy to turn on
and off wifi and clear memory. Great thing about it is that its free and their are tons
of extra add-ons.

2 ) Barrel– This fun tweak allows you to scroll page to page and adds a cool effect such
as 3D, barrel roll, and many others. This tweak is defiantly worth checking out!

3 ) iFile– This cydia tweak can be more than useful. iFile allows you to view your file
strings straight from your phone allowing you to edit and delete files and gives more
customization for to the phone.

4) Winterboard– I think everyone has heard of winterboard and is probably why a lot of
us started jailbreaking. This is the simplest and best way to add themes to your phone
making your phone truly unique.

5 ) CallBar– CallBar, a tweak which brings iOS 5-style notifications to incoming calls

6 ) MyWi– A tweak that allows you to create a mobile hot spot with your phone allowing you to share your iPhones data with your laptop or another wifi compatible devices.

7 ) Zyphyr Today Chpwn has released this “cool” Cydia tweak called Zephyr, that modifies the way you switch between applications and enable the multitasking bar. With the Zephyr Cydia tweak you can bring up the multitasking bar by simply swiping up from the bottom of your screen to the top of the screen. Additionally, as mentioned previously, the Zephyr Cydia tweak allows you to switch between applications by simply sliding right to left or left to right on your iOS devices screen.

8 ) Zeppelin– Want to sport a different carrier text on your iOS device than the ones from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, Telus etc.? How about something really cool like the Bat signal, Superman logo or perhaps Space Invaders? With a jailbroken iOS device, you have a lot of options.

9 ) SwipeDock– SwipeDock, thats been designed to provide an easy want o hide the bottom icon dock on your iOS device. When you would like to remove the bottom icon dock simply swipe it away and a nifty animation will carry out your command, with nine to choose from.

10 ) Cydelete– This tweak makes it painless to completely get rid of any unwanted cydia
apps that you may have installed but don’t use or want anymore. Just simply hold
hold down the icon make it wiggle and hit the X.