Everyone wants to know why should we jailbreak like “Whats the point of Jailbreaking?” or “What Cydia tweaks should I install?” with new people to the jailbreak scene. We all have different opinions —but I thought it would be nice to get a list of the “Top 10 Cydia Tweaks 2012”


1) Barrel– This fun tweak allows you to scroll page to page and adds a cool effect such
as 3D, barrel roll, and many others. This tweak is defiantly worth checking out!

2 ) PaperLock – This fun tweak is like Unfold, and Unlockize before it, adds another “slide to unlock” modification to your iPhone’s Lock screen. PaperLock — as its name not so subtly implies — is a tweak that lends a paper-like “page turning” look to your iPhone, similar to what you see when you turn a page in iBooks.

3 ) NoCameraGrabber  – is a jailbreak tweak designed with people like me in mind. It completely removed the camera grabber feature from your iPhone’s Lock screen, and it doesn’t even bring up the camera button with a double press of the Home button. NoCameraGrabber is a great way to completely eliminate camera shortcut functionality from the Lock screen.

4) AppCent – is a Cydia tweak that allows for download progress to be displayed as percentages, instead of ‘loading.’ The tweak works as expected: The percentages seem to update at the same rate as the progress bar. AppCent even seems to play nice with Quasar, which is sometimes finicky with other interface tweaks.

5 ) iOS 6 Photos Menu – With iOS 6, the iPhone and its brethern gain an all new photo sharing menu interface that includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and more. Its interface is much more pleasing to the eye than the current bland sheet based interface used on iOS 5 and below.

6 ) Dater – Cydia tweak adds a Date and Time stamp at the bottom of every image in your Photos app, making it extremely simple to see when the photo was taken. If you want more information about the photo, such as Format, Size, Dimensions etc, that too can be arranged for. Just tap and hold on to the specific image to see the Image Info option, which shows all the extra things including Location. There are other ways to find out this information, but that requires the iOS device to be plugged into the computer.

7 ) Dashboard X – is an awesome widgets system for your device! It works with existing notification center widgets and let’s you place them on either the home screen or your dashboard!

8 ) AnimateAll – is a cydia tweak for animating your lockscreen, home screen and notification center with animation. You can choose to enable or disable the animations that you want to see. Download one (or more) Boot Logo Animation and set it in the preferences.If you use the same animation for home.

9 ) Unlockize – You can configure options from the Settings app and you can choose from following animations:

  • fold to unlock
  • slice to unlock
  • fade to unlock
  • open blinds (tall) to unlock
  • open blinds (wide) to unlock
  • checker to unlock

It requires iOS 5.0 or higher and is only compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

10 ) Clockify– Wouldn’t it be cool if the Clock app icon on the lockscreen actually worked and showed the correct time, instead of just being an icon? I mean, it’d much easier to see what the time is when you look at the app icon itself. That’s exactly the idea behind this new jailbreak tweak.